Diplomatische Akademie, 5. Oktober 2020, 18.00 h, Musikzimmer Talk WHY CAN TRUMP STILL WIN THE ELECTIONS?


Why can Trump still win the elections?

Jan Surotchak
Senior Director, International Republican Institute (IRI)
Moderation: Werner Fasslabend
President, Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy



In brief:

Surotchak was a Fulbright Scholar in Kiel, Germany.

Traditional political systems, with two big players, one center left and one center right, any further participants (liberals, green) are fractioning. Today we typically have 5, 6 competitive parties.

US has two players: Democrats and Republicans.

In November there is also a Senate election, but this is not so popular.


Transatlantic relationship with Europa remains most important, common trade relationship with China.

Bilateral agreements instead of multilateral treaties.

No serious diecussion about budget deficit.

No move towards amendment of Constitution in the direction of a change of electional system.

Talk: Why can Trump still win the elections?

Talk: Why can Trump still win the elections?

Gepostet von Diplomatische Akademie Wien am Montag, 5. Oktober 2020



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